Frankie is ready to surprise and amaze you each night with a wide repertoire of music genres! All-encompassing live performances by legendary jazz artists will take you on a fantastic musical journey ranging from jazz, Latin and pop, to funk and Turkish tunes.

Enjoy your night, the live music, the excellent seasonal cocktails or wine as you cap off your superb fine dining experience at Frankie in style!

And we say: “Hope to be seeing you again soon!”

Ocak, 2020

03Ocak00:0023:50AlyaALYA SAHNEDE

04Ocak00:0023:50Bengü BekerUP SATURDAY MOOD

08Ocak22:3023:50Güvenç Dağüstün & Burçin BükeSiyah Beyaz Şarkılar

09Ocak22:3023:50Ümit SayınHerşey Türkçe

10Ocak00:0023:50AlyaALYA SAHNEDE

11Ocak00:0023:50Bengü BekerUP SATURDAY MOOD

15Ocak22:3023:50Güvenç Dağüstün & Burçin BükeSiyah Beyaz Şarkılar

16Ocak22:30Nedime GirişkenTIMELESS COVERS

17Ocak00:0023:50AlyaALYA SAHNEDE

18Ocak22:30Ümit SayınHerşey Türkçe

22Ocak22:30Nedime GirişkenTIMELESS COVERS

23Ocak22:3023:50Ümit SayınHerşey Türkçe

24Ocak00:0023:50AlyaALYA SAHNEDE

25Ocak00:0023:50Bengü BekerUP SATURDAY MOOD

29Ocak22:30Güvenç Dağüstün & Burçin BükeSiyah Beyaz Şarkılar

30Ocak22:3023:50Ümit SayınHerşey Türkçe

31Ocak00:0023:50AlyaALYA SAHNEDE