Privacy Policy

Your Personal and Identification information (hereinafter referred to as Confidential Information), includes any information to identify yourself or to communicate with you when you use any application on the Web Site., shall not share the Confidential Information of the persons sharing his Confidential Information with, with third parties., undertakes to take all measures and to show necessary diligence to keep the Confidential Information private and confidential, to consider such as an obligation to keep secret and provision of confidentiality and maintaining it, accession of the Confidential Information in full or partially to public or prevention of its unauthorized use or disclosure to third persons., is authorized to disclose Confidential Information to official authorities, in cases where it is obliged to disclose in accordance with the mandatory provisions of the legislation in effect., does not assume any liability in connection with the privacy policies, protection of personal data and confidentiality policies and the contents of the Web Sites that are reached through links provided in -where necessary- determines the IP addresses of the users and use such for the identification of the problems with respect to the system and for fixing the problems with the Web Site immediately. IP addresses can be used to identify the users in general terms and to collect demographic information as well., may obtain information in connection with the users and the information of the users using the Web Site via a technical communication file (cookie). Technical communication files are small text files that the Web Sites send to the browser of the users. Most of the browsers have been designed to accept the technical communication file initially, but the users may change the settings of the browser not to receive the technical communication file at all or to give a warning.

The information obtained from the users can be used by to make direct marketing to the users by, to conduct statistical analysis and to create a database, provided that necessary information is given to the users in relation to the topic., may any time amend the provisions of this Privacy Policy upon its discretion. The amended provisions of the Privacy Policy by, shall come into force as of the date of amendment.